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Yui and her husband have been married for two years, but because they are busy with work, they have not had sex for a long time. Today her father-in-law came to visit. Her husband was busy and came home late, so she was the only one at home to receive him. Her father-in-law was an extremely lustful person. When he saw the underwear that Yui had just dried, he immediately came closer and picked it up to smell it. Yui quickly took it back and consoled herself that her father-in-law was not that kind of person. After that, he continuously played depraved tricks with her. Touching her pussy, sucking her pussy while she talked on the phone with her husband, forcing her to bathe him and finally fucking her. Even though she knew it was wrong, she couldn't resist! Her body was so hungry for sex and her father-in-law's skills that she couldn't stop thinking about him. She kept wanting to be fucked more by him. That night, Yui went to find her father-in-law. He forced her to wear a blindfold and called more people to fuck her. When the blindfold was removed, she was surprised to see a strange man and especially her husband!!! It turned out that he had a girlfriend who was a university student for a long time. One time, my father-in-law went out to play with girls and immediately fell in love with his husband's mistress. Not only was her husband not angry, but he also begged his father to fuck his girlfriend for him to see. From then on, her father-in-law learned of her husband's perversion, and to satisfy her husband, he began planning to fuck Yui in front of him...

Lustful father-in-law and beautiful daughter-in-law

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 Actor: Yui Hatano 

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