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Today, Shinji was invited home by Tetsuya. Here he met Lily, his best friend's foreign mother. Lily was truly so beautiful, especially her big round breasts that made Shinji unable to take his eyes off her. Knowing that Shinji was looking at her chest, Lily had no intention of stopping. After eating, Shinji and Tetsuya drank some wine together. Because of his poor alcohol tolerance, Tetsuya quickly gave up and went to sleep. Waiting for his friend to fall asleep, Shinji started masturbating while thinking about Lily. Coincidentally, Lily was passing by and saw this scene. She was really surprised, couldn't believe her eyes, she had never seen a cock that big. Knowing that Shinji paid attention to her body, plus the fact that Lily herself was very horny, she immediately came up with a bold idea... That was to let her son's best friend fuck her!!! And of course, how could Shinji refuse Lily's invitation? That night he fucked her for a total of six rounds!!! Lily couldn't believe that Shinji was so strong. After that night, her pussy always felt sore. Shinji repeatedly asked to fuck her, making her scared and trying every way to refuse. Shinji also understood and from then on did not come to see her anymore. Only when you're gone do you regret it. Even though Lily doesn't say it, she always remembers Shinji. One day Shinji came to see her, this time she was determined not to make the same mistake as last time, she wanted to be with him, wanted to comfortably enjoy the feeling of happiness that Shinji brought...

JUL-908 Visit your best friend and fuck your friend's foreign wife

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 Movie Code: JUL-908 

 Actor: Lily Hart 

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