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Mia is a cute, shy employee. Ever since she first joined the company, Mia had a crush on the team leader, but because he was married, she had to give up. Once listening to the team leader and his colleagues talking, Mia discovered that his wife had left home for six months. During this time, he only "solved" himself without looking for another woman. The group leader is also a person with M blood (masochism), and likes to be teased by lustful women. Knowing this information, Mia immediately planned to take the team leader to her side. She secretly removed the group leader's belongings from her luggage so that she could use an excuse to bring the things to him. She also lied about the motel running out of rooms so she could stay with the group leader. Continuously plying him with alcohol caused him to quickly collapse. At this moment, Mia seemed to turn into a completely different person. Mia no longer looks innocent, pure, and shy as usual, but now Mia looks like a lustful prostitute. And in just that one night, Mia made the team leader obey her and could never forget her!!!

MIDE-970 The manager encountered a prostitute pretending to be a deer

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 Movie Code: MIDE-970 

 Actor: Mia Nanasawa 

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